Our raison d'être

The Association Swiss Capital of Culture was founded in 2013 on the initiative of Daniel Rossellat. Inspired by the success of the European Capitals of Culture, the President of the Paléo Festival and Mayor of Nyon surrounded himself with people who had collaborated with him when he was Director of Events at Expo.02  - to build and defend the idea of a Swiss Capital of Cultural programme. Since then, the Association has been joined by many members who are convinced that such a project would be a formidable tool for promoting culture in Switzerland.

An idea full of promise

In order to evaluate the feasibility of a programme of cultural capitals in Switzerland, the Association has mobilised a large number of personalities active in the fields of culture, politics, business and associations. The idea has been very well received. 

The Association also benefited from the insight of a study by the HES-SO which, based on scientific literature and interviews, demonstrated the potential relevance and usefulness of such a project.